A Graduate of Thurgood Marshall in the Social Studies will be able to:

  • Advocate for themselves and their communities.
  • Challenge actions and practices they feel are unjust.
  • Responsibly consume news and media.
  • Write about social and historical topics with clarity and purpose.
  • Research issues using a variety of reliable resources.
  • Articulate informed opinions with evidence.
  • Participate in democracy and society in ways that fit their identity and strengths.
  • Express themselves in formal academic English.
  • Code switch between their prefered modes of expression and formal academic English.
  • Use history vocabulary (For example: Imperialism, colonization, migration vs. immigration, systems of Government and economics).
  • Express themselves with clarity and respect.
  • Offer informed, substantiated opinions.
  • Challenge the status quo.
  • Identify social, political, and economic structures and how to navigate them.
  • critically evaluate origin and motive of sources of information.
  • consider evidence and multiple points of view to synthesize information and reach meaningful conclusions.
  • engage constructively and critically with others.
  • apply content, concepts and skills to contemporary issues.
  • Realistically understand the values of American democracy.
  • Realistically understand the limitations and injustices that currently exist in American democracy.
  • Confident about their knowledge.
  • Confident to speak their opinion.
  • Empathy and connectedness to a variety of communities.
  • Curious to engage with different people and experiences.
  • Empowered.

Our Department

Reynaldo Dulaney


Mr. Dulaney

Courses: Ethnic Studies, Leadership
Languages: English, American Sign Language (ASL), understand some Spanish
About Me: Greetings and salutations! I’m Mr. Dulaney, I grew up in southern California and I attended the University of California, Riverside (Go Highlanders!). There I studied Economics/ Administrative Studies, after that I earned my teaching credential in social sciences from California State University, Long Beach. My favorite foods are tacos and pizza. Lastly: if I had any super power, I’d teleport!





Pete Mancillas

Courses: US History, AP US History
Languages: English, Spanish


Mr. Rubio


Courses: World History and Geography, Study Skills
Languages: English, Spanish
About Me: Hello! I’m Mr. Rubio. I am originally from Southern California. I studied History at UC Santa Cruz and I received my Masters in Teaching from UC Irvine. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and camping!








Ms. Ryan

Courses: World History and Geography, Leadership
Languages: English, understand a lot of Spanish
About Me: Ahoy! I’m Ms. Ryan. I think that students have important ideas and opinions to share, and I want to help you share them, in school, in the community, and in the world. I also sponsor student government, which creates fun and important events for our school community. I love talking about movies, food, travel, pirates, and fantasy football.