Brian Finley  I rm. 100

Courses: Physiology

Languages Spoken: English

Brian Finley was born and raised in San Francisco. He studied science and mathematics at San Francisco State University, where he also received his teaching credential. After volunteering as a naturalist for San Mateo Outdoor Education, he became very passionate about teaching students to recognize the beauty of how science is related to our daily lives.






Alanna Lam  I rm. 105 I rm. 105

Courses: Health, Physiology

Languages Spoken: English, Cantonese

Originally from Vietnam, Ms. Lam grew up in San Francisco.  She speaks Cantonese fluently.  In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, gardening and spending time with family and friends. As a Health Education teacher, she treasures the privilege of being able to inspire students, to watch them grow and see them fulfill their utmost potential.  She encourages students to develop positive self-esteem so they can be confident at what they do.  She reminds students that they have the power and the ability to make the necessary changes in their lives and that they can be successful at what they do if they work at it and consistently try their best every day. Education demystifies and enlightens the world around us.  Education provides opportunities and opens doors to all possibilities in life.  Teaching is a noble profession and it is a great honor for her to be a teacher at Marshall High School.



Dr. Win Naing  I rm. 211

Courses: Physics, AP Physics, AP Calculus

Languages Spoken: English, Burmese

Win Naing has been teaching physics since 1970, and AP Calculus at Thurgood Marshall for the last four years. He loves to teach math and physics. He had done physics research at Jefferson Laboratory in Newport News, VA, and at Brookhaven National Lab in Long Island, NY.






Bryan Olney  I rm. 101

Courses: Physics and Biotechnology

Languages Spoken: English, Conversational Persian

Mr. Olney was born and raised in Moss Beach, CA, only a short 25 miles south of San Francisco on the coast. He developed a deep appreciation for the natural world there, and spent much of his time in high school at the beach or in the woods. Mr. Olney decided to study environmental science in college at UC Berkeley, and created a research project in the magnificent grasslands of California's Central Valley. He worked for four years as a wildlife biologist in Oakland, which led him all over the Bay in search of frogs and birds (among other things). He entered the teaching profession once he realized his passion was to make science accessible, interesting, and relevant to all students.