Course Overview: Game Design 1 

This is a hands-on holistic overview course introducing students to computer science through game design principles. The class provides the theory of video game design. It aligns with the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) recommended educational framework. Beginning with discussions on teamwork, the student learns about gaming, computerized gaming, and the evolution of gaming. Students then learn about artistic aspects of perspective, design, and animation. The technical aspects of collision theory and programming logic are discussed, followed by explanations of the hardware of video games. The text concludes with explanations of the global economy and supply chains. 

Students will participate in a simulation of a real video game design studio, seeing each project from origination to fruition. This provides a valuable lesson in team building that can be applied to any other aspect of the technology and engineering industries in real-life future careers. 

The capstone project is a culmination of all knowledge and skills obtained in the course. Students will design an original game from scratch, starting with a concept that must be approved by a simulated board of directors (the class). Students must create and follow a budget and time schedule. Evaluation of the final build is based on critical individual and peer reviews.